Mini Pies

  • Mini Tandoori Vegetable

    A delicious mix of chunky carrots, fresh capsicum, 5 bean mix, garlic, a hint of ginger, crushed tomatoes, onion and a dash of fresh cream, all mixed in a tasty tandoori sauce.

    *Vegetarian friendly

  • Mini Chicken & Mushroom

    Chunks of succulent 100% Aussie chicken mixed with slices of fresh mushroom and a pinch of garlic and seasoning, simmered in chicken stock & a dash of fresh cream.  Delicious mini bites of goodness for any chicken lover.

  • Mini Chunky Steak

    Pie Face's iconic Chunky Steak pie in a delicious bite size morsel.  This signature recipe include tender 100% Ausie beef steak chunks, braised in a flavoursome gravy with onions, garlic and seasoning.  Encased in our unique short crust pastry base and flakey puff pastry crust.

  • Classic Mince

    Aussie ground beef and onion baked in a delicious seasoned gravy, covered with a flaky pastry, baked in an oven to perfection.

  • Mini Wagyu Beef Pie

    Our newest and finest member of our Pie Face range made with a Premium Wagyu Beef (marble score of 5). Try it today and taste the difference!

The average adult daily intake is 8700kJ