The Pie Face Story

The humble meat pie has been an Aussie favourite for many, many years which is why Pie Face is proud to be an iconic Australian pie brand that came to life in 2003.  The idea of using only premium ingredients and combining this with traditional French style light, flaky puff pastry is what makes Pie Face pies delicious.  Now in 7 countries, our much-loved meat pie made with quality fillings and traditional French puff pastry creates a smile on the faces of all pie lovers!! 

Key Milestones:

 2003 - The first outlet opened in the hussle and bussle of busy Bondi Junction, however it wasn't long before outlets were opening across Sydney

 2008 - The official franchise programme was launched  and this created more growth for the Pie Face brand.

 2009 - Pie Face opened their first outlet in Melbourne

 2010 - Brisbane opened its first outlets.

2013 - The Pie Face brand expanded overseas into New  Zealand.

 2014 - Expansion continued with Dubai, Abu Dhabi and  Singapore.






From day one of Pie Face, the brand has made it's pies and pastries from scratch.

Every individual pie is made to its own unique and individual recipe.

The pie fillings are made from raw, fresh ingredients including 100% Australian steak, button mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes, onions, garlic and fresh cream.

 The puff pastry is carefully folded four times and rested before becoming a pastry or pie.






The funny faces are individually hand piped onto every pie and no two are the same.  Each face represents a unique flavour to help our outlets differentiate.  Which face is your favourite?

Every outlet bakes the pies, sausage rolls and pastries fresh throughout the day so they are always deliciously tasty.  








The Pie Face brand believes that nothing tastes better than its Handcrafted Oven Fresh pies and sausage rolls. Regular customers have said over and over again that they appreciate the quality and can really taste the difference.  Pie Face is proud of the good wholesome quality and craftmanship of the food it makes.